Business and Corporate Law

The attorneys of Whelchel, Dunlap, Jarrard & Walker, LLP are proud to carry on the business-oriented practice founded by the Dunlap family many decades ago. Our experience in corporate business law can be applied to companies during every step of their evolution, and in some instances, we have advised the same company on Georgia business law for generations. 

While businesses have evolved since the firm's inception more than 100 years ago, our ability to provide business law advice and assistance for a company's every need has remained the same. Our attorneys can assist with: 

  • Selecting an appropriate business form (corporation, S-corporation, partnership, LLC, etc.) and forming the entity with the State
  • Making all required business registrations and filings
  • Writing contracts, developing compensation plans, and drafting agreements among shareholders or partners, and other start-up phase tasks.
  • All phases of projects and operations from planning and dispute avoidance to regulatory compliance.
  • Labor and employment law matters including I-9 and other immigration related issues.

Whelchel, Dunlap, Jarrard & Walker, LLP clients also benefit from our litigation experience to resolve contract matters, regulatory and governmental issues, and employment disputes. One of the best investments a business can make is to have its contracts reviewed and drafted on the front end by experienced corporate attorneys thereby avoiding expensive legal battles later on. Our comprehensive contract review services entail carefully analyzing issues like insurance requirements, indemnity provisions, liquidated damages and jurisdictional issues for all types of contracts including: 

  • Executive employment and compensation arrangements
  • Professional service agreements
  • Supply and vendor contracts
  • Software and technology contracts
  • Construction contracts

Additionally, our business attorneys represent clients in all aspects of merger and acquisition transactions, including stock and asset only sales, mergers, and spin-offs. We have been engaged by a wide spectrum of industries and businesses and have acted as counsel to both buyers and sellers, including corporations headquartered outside of the U.S. In these cases, our attorneys obtain business related visas including "L" intra-company transfers and "H-1B" specialty worker visas, and provide overall tax and business advice relating to operating a business in Georgia. 

Our attorneys also help plan for succession of business ownership to the next generation, or from a founding owner to a group of owners. 

For more information on our business law and corporate law services, contact one of our veteran corporate attorneys today.