Immigration Law

The quest to comply with all immigration laws is difficult and complex. Businesses both in Georgia and nationwide must maintain compliance with all state and federal immigrations laws. These include the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act and the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act. 

Immigration attorneys at Whelchel, Dunlap, Jarrard & Walker, LLP are available to provide internal audits and training in areas national immigration compliance such as I-9 compliance, work authorization verification, and proper procedures for responding to Social Security Administration "No-Match" letters. 

Our immigration attorneys also routinely help businesses and churches obtain immigrant and non-immigrant visas for non-U.S. citizen employees (including transfers for international clients) and religious workers. We can also assist those looking to obtain visas based on marriage to a U.S. citizen or other family sponsorship. 

Our attorneys are available to discuss you unique immigration concerns, compliance and US Laws to ensure your business, employees or families are protected fully under US immigration standards. Find your immigration attorney here. 

Whelchel, Dunlap Jarrard & Walker, LLP immigration attorneys: 

Cara R. Mitchell
Madeline S. Wirt
Carla J. Walker